October 13th - October 15th, 2017

Anime, Gaming, Cosplay and more!

Big Sandy Superstore Arena

Huntington, West Virginia

Welcome to Tsubasacon

Three days of events, gaming, music and cosplay.


Dress up as your favorite character or just come as yourself!


Friday and Saturday Concerts to entertain.


Check out our Friday Formal Dance or rock out on Saturday with glowsticks.

Manga Library

If you need to get away and enjoy some quiet time, check out The Carolina Manga Library.

Artists & Vendors

Enjoy unique art and merchandise from our large selection of artists and vendors.


From Japanese arcade machines to smash brothers we've got you covered.

"Vitamin H Productions is the professional panelist group that has been sweeping the South. Founded in 2013 by Kidd “The Maniac” Bowyer and Ryan “Pathos” Prime and fueled by a love of all things geeky, Vitamin H aims to create the most memorable convention programming you've ever experienced (and give folks at cons who might not be into Q&As and cosplay something to actually DO besides sit in the game room and play Cards Against Humanity for hours on end).

They’ve appeared at dozens of conventions all across the nation, bringing a wildly diverse array of content that is both educational AND entertaining.  From ancient history to tacky B-movies, from obscure gaming treasures to nostalgic anime and fandoms that you don't normally see at conventions, Vitamin H tackles every subject with an unbelievable amount of passion, energy, and professionalism - no dull stock-template PowerPoints or monotone delivery here!  

If you’re looking for the cure for con boredom, then you need your daily dose of Vitamin H.

When they're not frantically preparing for a con, you can find them tooling around on their website - http://vitaminh.info - so be sure to check them out!" 


Facebook: facebook.com/VitaminHOfficial

Youtube: youtube.com/user/VitaminHProductions

Twitter: twitter.com/VitaminHPanels

Tumblr: vitaminhofficial.tumblr.com



About Tsubasacon

Tsubasacon is an annual convention currently held at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena and Riverfront Ballroom and Conference Center.

In 2006 Tsubasacon moved to its current home in Huntington, WV and has grown in scale dramatically over its 14-year tenure while still maintaining it's small hometown con charm. Popular large events include the Masquerade, Anime Music Video Contest, Concerts, Game Shows, and the Saturday Dance.

Tsubasacon is a three-day fun-filled event that offers late-night dances, video programming, gaming rooms, and many informative guest and fan panels. Many of the attendees take advantage of the opportunity to cosplay at the convention, and there are many gatherings for fans of different anime and manga series.

In 2015 Tsubasacon is expanded into the arena as well as the convention center.

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