Paging all mobile gamers! Mobile gaming is coming back to Tsubasacon for its second year. Whether you are feverishly trying to find a group for Pokémon GO, looking for some new towns to visit on Animal Crossing, or just want to find a few like-minded Monster Hunters on the 3DS, we have something for you! We'll have tournaments, trading, casual style play, for the phone and 3DS!


1pm MTG and Dragon Ball Super demo. Free sample deck to all players While supplies last
2pm Yu-Gi-Oh
3pm Star Wars Destiny demo
4pm MTG Standard
5pm Yu-Gi-Oh
6pm Dragon Ball Super
7pm MTG FNM Standard. win playmats sleeves and tokens.
8pm Yu-Gi-Oh
9pm Star Wars Destiny
10pm MTG Draft


9-12 MTG, Star Wars Destiny, and Dragon Ball demo.
12pm MTG Pack Attack 1v1 winner take all
1pm MTG Modern
2pm Dragon Ball Suoer
3pm Star Wars Destiny
4pm MTG Draft
5pm Dragon Ball Super
6pm Yu-Gi-Oh
7pm MTG Commander
8pm MTG Modern. Playmats, sleeves, and fiol tokens up for grabs
9pm Star Wars Destiny
10pm Dragon ball Super


9-12 MTG Dragon Ball Super, Star Wars Destiny Demo
11am Star Wars Destiny
12pm MTG Pack Attack 1v1 winner take all
1pm Yu-Gi-Oh

We plan on having Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

More information coming soon!



1. A Fistful of Penguins

2. Blokus

3. Camel Up

4. Carcassonne

5. Cards Against Humanity

6. Ca$h ‘n Guns

7. Castle Panic

8. Catan

9. Catan Dice

10. Chupacabra

11. Coup 

12. Desperados

13. Dice Town

14. Dixit

15. Dragon Hordes

16. Dungeon Roll

17. Eight Minute Empire

18. FarFalia

19. Fzzzt!

20. Gold Mine 21. Grimoire

22. Hive

23. I Drank What

24. Illuminati

25. Incan Gold

26. Ingenious

27. Las Vegas

28. Love Letter Musketeers

29. Pit

30. Pirate’s Cove

31. Pyramix

32. Qwirkle

33. Ra

34. Rattus 

35. Red November

36. Tetris Link

37. The Resistance

38. Roll Through the Ages

39. Seasons

40. Sushi Go! 41. That’s Life

42. The Walking Dead

43. Toppo

44. Trans America

45. Transformers Jenga

46. Tsuro

47. Warriors

48. Wench

49. Wits & Wagers

50. Zombie Dice

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